Warrior Tip of the Week: Why Boot Camp Works

Sometimes we hit a point where the motivation to work out just hits a wall. We get overwhelmed with commitments and start putting our workouts on hold, citing our "busy lives" as an excuse to avoid exercising.

Guess what? That's no valid excuse.

When you find your motivation waning, this is precisely the time you need to ramp up the intensity; this is the time you need to find something new.

Call us biased, but there is, in our humble opinion, a clear answer: Boot camp.

It's already been named a top fitness trend for 2011, and with good reason: It's a fun and efficient way to get your cardio, strength training, core work and flexibility work knocked out in an hour. The total-body workout typically burns up to 750 calories in an hour, strengthening muscles and facilitating weight loss.

We're former Marine Sergeants, so we know just how quickly and effectively boot camp works. We design each class to feature an intense circuit-style workout that varies between cardio and muscle-building exercises, but the secret ingredient to keeping our "Warriors" committed and motivated is change. Every class is structured differently so that no one ever gets bored; each day offers a new and different challenge. The dynamic structure and constant variations in routines prevent boredom and exercise ruts.

Here's another boot camp secret we brought back from our time in the Marine Corps: Buddy PT. Under this team-building training, you team up with a partner and do a series of different exercises. For example, we have our Warriors split up into teams of two, and instruct one partner to hold a plank position while the other runs laps around the gym. This adds accountability to the team, and the interaction and encouragement from peers really help you stay on track with your fitness regimen. When you're around people who are working hard, you work harder.

The words "boot camp" may intimidate you. And yes, it's true that we may be barking orders in your ear and participating in some friendly yelling. But it’s all in good fun, and only in a positive and motivating way. In fact, our Warriors often tell us that the yelling is what gets them to push a little harder and go beyond what they think they can do.
Bottom line, we expect our clients to show up, pay attention and give 110 percent. People who need that extra push or a new challenge benefit tremendously from boot camp -- and most importantly, they see dramatic results. So for individuals willing to put in the work, boot camp provides results quickly and helps them stay motivated.

Ask yourself, “Am I ready to become a Warrior?”  If so, give boot camp a try.

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