Wang Wins!

Sometimes the obvious bird gets the worm. Some were predicting a dark horse win (er, we were rooting for Vena Cava?), in the end it was the retail-goliath-in-a-skinny-little-package designer Alexander Wang—with his '90s-inspired denim and sheer tanks—l;who took home the $200,000 prize. (To be fair, the ladies behind Vena Cava and relative unknown Albertus Q. Swanepoel of Albertus Quartus won $50,000 each as runners-up.) Our favorite part of the whole process is that part of the prizing includes these designers getting time with a business mentor. So cute! Can't you picture them pouring over tax books and receipts surrounded by fabric samples and Thai take-out?

A couple of weeks ago, Wang opened up to about the process of being a nominee. According to Wang: "The thought of having everyone in front of me was really intimidating, as was the idea that I’d only have 15 minutes to get it all out—everything important that I’d ever want to say about myself. But they were so nice and so chill." Okay, really, I can see the judges being nice, but "chill"? Wang, maybe you're getting a little too '90s for your own good.

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