Win Two VIP Tickets to See Britney Spears In Concert!

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No matter what your thoughts on Britney Spears are, nearly everyone can agree that she’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of a train wreck — and that she’d be pretty interesting to see live. To that end, we’d like to challenge you, the loyal Vulture reader, to accomplish what star biographers like Andrew Morton and David McCullough have so far been unable to do. Namely, to compose an elegant haiku you feel sums up the life and times of Britney, and add it to the comment section of this post (do not e-mail us).

You have until 5 p.m. on Friday, June 26, to compose your thoughts and figure out how best to put those seventeen syllables (that’s five, seven, and five per line) to use. Then your friendly Vulture editors will get together for a pow-wow to determine the best entry. The winner will receive two VIP tickets to Brit-Brit’s August 24 show at Madison Square Garden, tickets which, by the way, go on sale tomorrow (note: we’ll be contacting the winner via the e-mail listed in their commenting profile, so update that if you’ve changed it since registering). You don’t have to be a New York local to enter, but it sure would help, since we’re only springing for tickets to the show (and not airfare, cab fare, beer money, or any of that other nonsense). The complete contest rules can be found here, and any comments that do not follow our guidelines will be deleted and determined to be ineligible. We look forward to reading your haikus in the comments. Good luck!

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