Video: On Fashion's Casting Couch With Iman and Ubah

Veteran model Iman sat down with rising star and fellow Somalian Ubah Hassan, the spring face of Ralph Lauren, to discuss the struggles non-white models face in the fashion industry.

 "I talked to young models and I asked them, 'What is the most upsetting thing that is happening to you guys now?'" Iman says. "And singularly they said they would go to go-sees -- especially when there is the fashion shows coming up -- and they would say to them, 'We're not using black models this season.' Like it's a category -- like we're not doing denim this season. It's very upsetting."

Ubah thinks the problem may lie with the stylists and casting directors choosing models for the show. Watch the video for Iman's thoughts on the so-called Obama effect on castings, and to hear what Ubah's Ralph Lauren casting was like.

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