Video: Behind Boyle's Harper's Bazaar Fashion Shoot

Susan Boyle didn't land the cover of Harper's Bazaar's September issue (that honor went to Leighton Meester), but she has a spread inside. It's the perfect morning-show segment to fall somewhere between stories like "Woman Finds 12-Foot Crocodile on Her Doorstep" and "Hidden Calories: Salads With Fried Pecan Encrusted Chicken, Cheese, and Mayonnaise Make You Fat." You know, news you can use. And so editor Laura Brown went on the Today show this morning for the big reveal of the spread.

She says they cut Boyle's hair a little, curled it, and put natural makeup on her. They also styled her in "classic" pieces instead of crazy couture looks. "This was her first magazine photo shoot, so you can’t do too much too soon," she explained. "She was so comfortable, she actually did a bit of moonwalking in her Giuseppe Zanotti heels." Boyle's favorite outfit was a purple Michael Kors dress paired with a J.Crew necklace — very MObama of her. "I think Boyle’s greatest beauty strength is the twinkle in her eye," Brown adds. What does that mean?

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