Video Roundup: The National, Frank Turner & LCD Soundsystem

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Here at Nonstop Sound, we feel as though the music video, as an art form, is highly undervalued. In an effort to bring attention to the forgotten format we’ve created the Video Roundup column highlighted some of the best (read: artistic, fun and creative) new music videos out there. We hope you enjoy!

Our first video comes to us courtesy of hometown heroes turned international rock stars - The National. Whether you are devotee or simply a casual listener, it’s impossible to deny the poignant story telling and lush compositions created by this band of Brooklyn boys. Their live show is a wave of emotional highs and lows – a roller coaster of sadness, elation and ultimately ecstasy. With their new video for “Terrible Love” from their latest release High Violet (4AD), The National captures those feelings through biographical footage of life on the road. Spliced between clips of performances all over the globe is a series of candid shots of the band swimming, indulging fans and bowling – albeit poorly. The video closes with one of singer Matt Berninger’s patented treks through the crowd showing that The National, no matter how sophisticated their music may be, is a band for the people.

The next video comes from former hardcore front man turned punk rock troubadour Frank Turner whose track “I Still Believe” from the upcoming EP Rock & Roll is a battle cry and love song wrapped into one. Written with the hopes of inspiring a sing-a-long, the song takes listeners through the many reasons music, specifically rock and roll, is a series of trials and tribulations that has the power to save our souls. Set in a prohibition-era style scene, the English Turner leads a group of tattooed, suspender wearing revelers who all share in his belief of salvation through music. Last night, Turner played Roseland Ballroom in support of Social Distortion and does so again this evening at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, N,J.

Finally we have a video featuring a smoking hot Anna Kendrick of Up in the Air fame for “Pow Pow” off of my beloved LCD Soundsystem’s latest LP This Is Happening. The video opens with a quote, “At midnight she came to collect the souls of wicked men.” From there on the tone is set. Kendrick acts as the collector cruising around a non-descript city in a convertible with her body guards in full battle rattle and suited up counselors with briefcases full of soul stealing documents in search of wicked men. When the crew encounters three separate men unwilling to sign over their souls she sends them to a purgatory where they get a glimpse into their destiny if they proceed with their sinful ways. Director David Ayer created a stunning video that injects age-old superstitious folk lore into the present day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a long hard look in the mirror.

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