Video Roundup: My Morning Jacket, The Bewitched Hands & Sun Airway

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Here at Nonstop Sound, we feel as though the music video, as an art form, is highly undervalued. In an effort to bring attention to the forgotten format we’ve created the Video Roundup, a weekly column highlighting some of the best (read: artistic, fun and creative) new music videos out there.

Being the company man that I am, this week’s Video Roundup will kick off with a clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featuring My Morning Jacket with a little help from the legendary Roots band. The band performs “Wordless Chorus” from their 2005 full-length album Z, in preparation of their five-night run at New York’s Terminal 5. While we typically take this time to draw attention to music videos rather than live clips, the combination of My Morning Jacket, The Roots and a cape adorning, bebop and skating Jim James was too good to pass up.  Each night of the week-long stand at Terminal 5 will feature a different full-length played in its entirety. The festivities kick off tonight with their debut album Tennessee Fire.

Next up, we have the French sextet The Bewitched Hands who created an epic battle video complete with plenty of card board armor and skateboarding warriors for their track “Sea” off their debut album Birds and Drums which is scheduled to hit shelves on October 25. The fight between a band of scruffy conquistadors and group of well composed knights ends in total desolation as each faction slaughters the other leaving the only one member of each side left to determine the victor. The director chose to close the with the battle still hanging in the balance much like the future of The Bewitched Hands who are still waiting for their break stateside. The band will attempt to win the battle of New York this week when they invade Hiro Ballroom on October 19 as part of the 2010 CMJ Festival.

Last but not least we have a video for Sun Airway's outstanding track “Put the Days Away” from their highly anticipated album Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier due out on October 26 on the Dead Oceans label. The impeccably catchy song is the backdrop for a long bike ride home through the wet streets of Philadelphia. Once the forlorn young woman reaches her apartment she lies down and drifts off into a dream world featuring an array of psychedelic projections from previous Sun Airway videos. This band is a must see for anyone attending the CMJ Festival. There are several opportunities to catch them this week including a performance at the first ever #Offline Festival.

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