Video Roundup: Broken Social Scene, Smith Westerns & Young Man

Here at Nonstop Sound, we feel as though the music video, as an art form, is highly undervalued. In an effort to bring attention to the forgotten format we’ve created the Video Roundup column highlighted some of the best (read: artistic, fun and creative) new music videos out there. We hope you enjoy!

Our first video comes from that loveable Canadian crew Broken Social Scene and is a video for the standout track “Texico B*tches” from their 2010 release Forgiveness Rock Record, (Arts & Crafts). It begins in a field where two clans meet to settle a score in an old fashioned grappling match, but the overseeing official tosses a variable on the two combatants when she decides to hose them down with what appears to be chocolate sauce.

As the Blue and Red crews feverishly encourage their gladiators to inflict pain, the fight takes an amusing turn. Much to the dismay of the onlookers, the covered opponents stop wrestling and start getting sexual before the crowd disperses and leaves the two men in a snuggled heap. That’s what you get with Broken Social Scene – one big love in.

You can join the group hug at Terminal 5 on January 18 – tickets are still available!

The next offering comes from the Chicago based, three piece Smith Westerns who embrace the influential glam sound of the 70’s with their own brat punk twist on the track “Weekend” from their upcoming release Dye It Blonde, (Fat Possom) that is due out January 18. The video is a practice in classic teen mischief complete with a trip to the mall, the record store and an arcade before shotgunning a beer and going for a cruise. The band continues onto one of those classic Chicago grease joints for hot dogs and then a 7-Eleven for Slurpees and nachos before heading into the woods to chop down a tree. If you were a kid who got some rope from your parents when you were young, you’ll appreciate all the nods to the traditional suburban weekend found in this video.

See the Smith Westerns when they pull into Glasslands on January 18 to celebrate the release of their new album. 

Finally we have a video for Young Man’s “Up So Fast” off the Boy EP, (Frenchkiss). The video is a coming-of-age story that follows a pre-teen through his day long adventure that begins with the protagonist trying to push along his adolescence by stuffing a body suit with packing peanuts before taking to the streets to cause a bit of trouble. He settles on the beach where he finds young lady willing to indulge him by taking a dip in the ocean as the California sun drenches them. Young Man does not have any plans to hit New York until the end of the spring college semester, but if you are headed to SXSW in March make it a point to see this band on the rise.

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