Victoria's Secret Opens Massive Flagship in Soho

The sprawling new Victoria's Secret flagship in Soho opened last week, bathing Broadway in 24,000 square feet of bras, panties, body imaging technology and a whole lot of pink.

The new superstore moved the former space a block up, and will house the first location with a Pink-exclusive boutique.  Anything but secretive, the cavernous space evokes a glossy boudouir in pink and black, with a bra salon and panty boutique flanked with satin-upholstered Victorian armchairs and vanity benches. 

Sleepwear, lingerie and the largest selection of beauty we've seen under one roof come refreshingly well-stocked, and among the abundant merch we spotted several new bedazzled bras and panties just right for the holidays. 

Between the new shop and the upcoming show, Vicky is making quite the splash around town. 

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