Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Returns to New York

Victoria's Secret will stage its annual fashion show in New York this year, which they haven't done since 2005. Several Angels revealed our city's good fortune on the CBS Early Show today, though a date and location haven't been announced.

Last year's show took place at the then-newly renovated Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, which is a pretty fitting city for a runway made of glitter and whatever giant awkward sparkly contraption Heidi Klum affixes to her back. But the fashion show, which usually takes place in November, is a marketing gimmick for the holiday shopping season, so it makes much more sense to hold it in a part of the country that has winter and actually feels like the holidays at holiday time.

Frankly, the silver tinfoil palm trees at last year's spectacle felt lacking. If the brand is really bold, they'll hold the show outside in the frost at Rockefeller Center. Make those models earn their money.

The Angels Heart NYC! [Modelinia]

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