Victoria Beckham to Revive Denim Line

Building off the success of her recently-launched dresses line, Victoria Beckham will relaunch her denim line -- formerly known as dVb, now called simply Victoria Beckham Denim -- featuring slicker styles that will, of course, be quite expensive.

The new line of denim will feature some more updated looks, from cigarette pants to zipper-bedecked styles and even a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans in what Beckham is calling the "Vintage range," along with the classic denim jacket. The jeans won't be prohibitively expensive, but they will likely run around $235.

Beckham's dresses have, indeed, become quite popular among current red carpet A-listers like Blake Lively and Eva Langoria, and we'll admit that the new line of denim does look rather fetching (a full lookbook is available on Elle UK), so we look forward to seeing the styles in person come 2010.

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