Vice & Intel Launch Partnership in the Spirit of 1920s Paris

What more can be said about Vice's little-Montreal-mag-to-media-riches Cinderella story?

As if a recent content share with cable news conglomerate CNN didn't establish these be-tatted Brooklynites as the ambassadors of global youth culture then yesterday's announcement of their partnership with computer whizzes Intel certainly did the trick.

Assembling members of the media in Milk Studio's penthouse, the new media overlords trekked into Manhattan Monday afternoon and joined hands with their new techy brethren to launch The Creators Project, an international series of concerts, parties, art installations and webisodes that will bring together an array of upcoming, DIY digital artists.

"I've always been crazy about Paris in the '20s, where there was this viable creative community," Vice magazine co-founder Shane Smith said amid a war room full of video cameras, flatscreen TVs and laptops.

Smith said he sees The Creators Project as a digital extension of that same artists' community. The whole idea was hatched after a dinner with friend, director and's creative director Spike Jonze (who was in the audience lending support), who'd asked Smith what he would like to develop if time and money weren't factors.

An online Paris circa the days of Hemingway, Stein and Picasso, so to speak, was the answer, and voila! The Creators Project was born.

"We wanted to get these creators together who make s---," Smith said between gulps of vino, inspiring a roar of laughter from the audience.

Next up was the always dapper Mark Ronson (clad in a slim-cut suit), who's helping spearhead the project: "I didn't mean to talk myself out of a job, but upon seeing all the amazing artists they already have, I said, 'What the f--- do you need me for?'"

Then, making light of his Shane-like candor, Ronson added into the mic, "I guess they needed someone who doesn't curse in public."

But for all the formality of the event, not to mention the odd, Monday late afternoon hour, Vice made sure to keep things loose: Neon Indian was on hand (who Smith dubbed a mind-blowing rock band), as was Spank Rock, and soon the presser had transformed into a party, with everyone spilling out onto the sun-drenched rooftop deck for champagne and cocktails (later, Smith, Ronson and Neon Indian continued with the jet set vibe by hopping on a flight to London for yet another launch party).

As for The Creators Project? First stop on a five city global tour is New York, with a June 26 party on all eight of Milk Studios' floors featuring performances by Interpol, Gang Gang Dance, Sleigh Bells and Salem. Stay tuned...

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