Vanity Fair to Kate Winslet: “Oops!”

We're not sure how we missed this story when FabSugar broke it, but apparently there was a major mix-up on the set of Kate Winslet's super-steamy shoot for Vanity Fair. The actress, as you may or may not know, is a big anti-fur advocate—she's even confirmed to PETA that she doesn't wear fur at all. So pre-shoot, the magazine folks told Winslet that the fur she'd be placing against her oh-so-naked body (have you seen those pictures?) was faux. And then, um, oops, it turns out it was actually real. In fact, it was a silver fox throw that cost over $14,000. So, yeah, I'd bet she's pretty peeved. The poor, ridiculously hot thing has already had to deny that the revealing photographs were airbrushed by the magazine. Bottom line: Vanity Fair's going to have a lot of groveling to do next time they want to put Winslet in its glossy pages.

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