Valentino Thought Everyone Looked Bad at the Met Gala

Valentino is retired, but that hasn't stopped him from having thoughts — or changed that he doesn't have much of a filter when it comes to expressing them — as anyone who's seen the documentary Valentino:The Last Emperor might gather. But that's what makes him all the more lovable. Vava seems to be enjoying the publicity derived from the very successful film, and is having journalists over to his house to mouth off about his new coffee table book and the industry he's definitely not missing. The Guardian reports:

"I think now all the girls look very ugly," says Valentino — not talking about women in general, but those glamorous enough to wear couture. "I saw the pictures of the Metropolitan gala evening [in New York] last week and I never saw something more ugly, all the girls have their legs out with the most terrible proportions." He shakes his head and mutters "no, no, no", wiggling his finger like a disappointed schoolmaster ... "I have so many ideas I could design a collection in two days but don't miss it at all."

Indeed, we didn't notice any bold-faced names in attendance at the Gala wearing Valentino. But in the documentary, the designer says women shouldn't show their legs unless they have model-like proportions. So basically no one should show their legs. And here summer is upon us! Even though he's so over designing, Valentino will create costumes for the new year gala performance of the Vienna State Opera Ballet. If the dancers don't pass muster, will he awkward them out in pants?

Happy Valentino's day [Guardian]
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