Updated: A Feminine Beardfest

Guests at The Bell House's Beardfest and Stache Bash last night were dismayed by the striking lack of testosterone at the ode to macho scruffiness."Beardfest breaks down as follows: 90% female 10% male," tweeted Diablo D'Amour, before bemoaning the effete state of Brooklyn's alt corridors.

Then again, maybe it was the raw sexual magnetism of handlebar mustaches that brought the ladies out in droves and made for the gender imbalance. While the gents seemed preoccupied with winning contests like "Best Avant-Garde Beard" (see picture above), "Best Tom Selleck Stache" and a "Saddest Story Of Why I Grew A Beard" narrative competition, the ladies came for love. "Off to find my soul mate at Beardfest," tweeted Monica Rozenfeld while en route to Bell House with a bevvy of girlfriends. Rachel Slurs hoped to "meet a Paul Bunyan type who can open difficult packaging."

For those who went home sans love or prizes, follow @disinfectant's lead and stop shaving now in preparation for the next Bearfest.

[Updated, with photo gallery by Nikki Wagner/NBC]

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