Uniqlo's Robot Staffer Starts Blogging

Wakamaru, Uniqlo's adorable new humanoid robot greeter, is now blogging. Yes, the child-size yellow and black robot is revealing his thoughts and observations online. There are photos too: a headshot, a pic of Wakamaru recharging (literally) in the store, an image of him greeting customers. An excerpt from a recent post: "I'm a bit shy when I’m around so many people, and still my English isn’t good enough yet. I wonder if I might not have been able to show what I can do the best. Starting from tomorrow, I’d like to begin telling you more about me, a little by little. It’s late… time to go back to my charging station. I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I’ve started already!" So authentically bloggy—that was Saturday, and the robot hasn't updated since.
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