Ungaro Taps Lindsay Lohan as Artistic Advisor

The ubiquity of fashion collaborations ranging from the brilliant to the insane may just have completely blown up: embattled house Emanuel Ungaro has announced its new creative team, which includes chief designer Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan as artistic advisor.

Imagine our astonishment when we awoke to this news, a sentiment that we'll admit, quickly shifted towards skepticism.  Despite her legging line's solid showing in the retail markets, Lindsay Lohan isn't exactly the poster girl of high fashion.  But perhaps, that's what Ungaro's CEO Mounir Moufarrige is aiming for- although we disagree slightly with his dismissal of the design element of fashion, we do have him to thank for his appointment of Stella McCartney as Karl Lagerfeld's replacement at Chloe in 1997.  Upon first hearing that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would do a non-Wal-Mart fashion line, critics undoubtedely got ready to pounce and look at The Row and Elizabeth and James now, it's good stuff (although, if we see Cathy Horyn praising Lindsay Lohan anytime soon, we might keel over and die).  This is America, people! Innocent until proven guilty, so we're going to give Ms. Lohan the benefit of the doubt.

After all, she's paired with the Spanish designer Estrella Arches (whose name means star!), an independent with an invigorating untapped potential that could very well revive the increasingly staid Ungaro.  And although Moufarrige looks to the money shot of Archs waving on the runway with Lohan in Paris (not to mention, from his comments, the money), we've got all eyes on the designs. 

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