Um, No: Taylor Momsen

It's no secret that Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen has developed a penchant for wearing rather scandalous attire and entirely too much eyeliner. This ensemble, however, takes it to a new level.

From several angles, we honestly couldn't tell whether or not the girl was even wearing bottoms. (If you look closely, you can see she's wearing a postage stamp of a mini, but still.) Granted, Carrie Bradshaw wore that men's button-down and a cinched belt with heels that one time, but we all knew it was one of her crazier moments, right? As in, not something one would actually wear out on the street, correct? And in this case, Ms. Momsen isn't even dignifying the look with something as formal as a button-down, choosing instead what could well be a boy's dirty discarded t-shirt (which might look hot paired with tight jeans or a regular skirt, but looks downright nasty paired with nothing at all).

To top it off, if there's one thing that will emphasize pantslessness even more than, well, not wearing pants, it's black thigh high stockings and a garter. Sigh. On the positive side, those boots aren't bad and her hair is looking rather shiny lately.

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