Um, No: Neha Dhupia

We realize that the enthusiasm here comes from the fact that this is a "Bollywood Hero" opening, and truth be told we don't mind the bright orange at all. It's just ... it looks like this poor girl's bra is showing.

As in, star Neha Dhupia had this fantastic black dress, with all this sexy draping going on, and then said dress slipped right down, revealing her oddly-chosen (though flattering!) bright orange and black lace brassiere. A flashbulb frenzy ensued.

Granted, her partners in crime were Chris Kattan (wearing a depressingly blah suit) and fellow star Pooja Kumar, who was clothed in a crazy hot look-at-me pink dress. But there are rules. If it's a Punjabi dance party, go for the obvious wins -- drapery, sex appeal, and above all, color -- but don't confuse people with half-dress half-bra mutations.

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