Um, No: Christina Milian

Christina, you seem like a nice girl. But there is so much going on in this outfit that it's hard to know where to start. In fact, that might be the main problem.

Milian was attending the BET "Rising Icons" party at 1Oak last night, and while there was definitely a lot of flashy attire around, this one really stood out. We like the fitted denim jacket taking the otherwise very high fashion outfit down a peg, but choosing a pale multi-hued wash when she's already wearing a patterned top, a semi-reflective skirt and an eye-catching belt (that looks like a pair of lips -- is that just us?) seems like way too much material for our fragile eyes to digest at once. Add onto that vivid mix a pair of heels that would be attention-grabbing even paired with a simple black dress, and you start to get our meaning. Less is more.

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