Um, No: Blake Lively

Getty Images

Dear Ms. Lively: We get it, already. You've got a slamming figure both on the top and on the bottom. But for our sake, please, pick one to show off at these red carpet appearances.

On Saturday, Blake Lively attended the after party for "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" at the Ace Hotel, wearing an incredibly low-cut white jacket and what appears to be either the shortest miniskirt we've ever seen or biker shorts. As things stand, Ms. Lively is entering a rather troublesome trend of continually showing up to flashbulb-strewn events wearing low-cut tops and short skirts, which is a pretty well-established "no-no" in most fashion circles, even for someone as well-endowed as she is. In this case, the expanse of flesh exposed seems all the stranger considering the slightly old lady-ish vibe of the bow-clasped embroidered blazer. Granted, it does have a perfectly-tailored French couture feel, but we'd wager the whole effect would seem a lot more dignified paired with, oh, a pencil skirt or at least a camisole. Stand down with the flesh exposure, already.

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