“Ugly Betty” America Ferrera: “I'm Already Jonesing” for My Old Castmates

"Ugly Betty" starlet America Ferrera confessed last night that she already misses her fellow castmates on the soon-to-wrap hit TV series.

"It's been a week since I wrapped and I'm already jonesing for them," Ferrera said last night during a charity auction she hosted to benefit Save the Children. "I've texted them a million times."

With the final episode of "Ugly Betty" soon to air, Ferrera announced yesterday her role in developing the interactive telenovela "Pedro and Maria" for MTV.

The actress, also Save the Children's ambassador of education, was on hand to auction off "Betty" portraits at Axelle Fine Arts Galerie in Chelsea Monday night.

"The match was so organic," Ferrera said. "Our show is so about following your dreams and believing that there are no obstacles that can keep you away from what you want, and education is the first key to unlocking that so it was sort of a match made in heaven."

The auction featured paintings created for an episode of the hit series, and the money raised will aide America's efforts to build the next Save the Children school in Mali, a country she visited with the organization late last year.

"I sent an email out to all of my friends saying make a donation, help me build this school and Sylvio Horta," Ferrera said. "The creator of our show, emailed me back and said, 'I can make a donation, but I was hoping to auction off the paintings from that one episode and donate the money to a cause -- why don't we donate it to your school?' and I thought that was a genius idea and was mad I didn't think of it myself."

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