Tricks Are For Kids, Not Gay Couples, City Says

NYC revokes pair's marriage license

The city has revoked the marriage license of two men who obtained it while one of them was dressed as a woman.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in New York, but Jason Stenson and Hakim Nelson applied for and received a marriage license in May.

Nelson, who aspires to have gender-reassignment surgery and goes by the name "Kimah," donned an orange dress and white leggings for the big day, his long brown hair resting on his shoulders at the city clerk's office on Worth Street, The New York Post reported.

The clerk didn't appear to notice that the young couple both had male first names, and by a stroke of good fortune, the ID card Nelson presented had an "F" for female on it. The authority who gave it to him a month before the ceremony had assumed he was a woman because of the way he looked. Still, Nelson was shocked they got away with it.

"I was scared. I thought they would ask for more paperwork from me because I have a male name," Nelson told the Post.

The clerk only asked the couple for information about where they work and live. Nelson and Stenson said they reside at Sylvia's place, a shelter for lesbian, gay and transgender people, but that didn't spark any questions about their gender.

A spokesman for the city said Monday the couple's license has been revoked. Instead, they've been registered as a domestic partnership.

The city spokesman said the marriage bureau plans to put procedures in place to ensure the mistake isn't made again.

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