Trend Report: Round Sunglasses

Granted, The New York Times doesn't always feel like it's looking at the same fashion scene the rest of us are looking at. For example:

1. While Bill Cunningham's photos are ridiculously gorgeous, has anyone else noticed that it always seems to feature ladies of leisure sporting hats that would cost us our rent money?

2. Today's paper "broke the news" that some people have now been reduced to (God help us) shopping at Goodwill. The horror!

And yet, all that aside, today's Style Section included a rather on-trend look at a current phenomenon among sunglasses: round lenses. (Granted, they also included a slideshow featuring some rather bizarre "moments in the history of round glasses"-type of pictures, but we digress.)

Eric Wilson's rather lengthy exploration for The New York Times, claims that he got the best explanation from designer Selima Salaun (the force behind the Selima Optique stores), who says she got most of her style inspiration from Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, who famously wore rather dramatic round eyewear and was honored at the Venice Biennale art fair two years ago.

That explanation may be a stretch--or it might be fact--but what's important is that these are the next big round of "statement" eyewear, following the trend of oversize glasses a few years back and then more recently '80s-style Lady Gaga hip-hop shades. These also have the bonus of feeling wonderfully retro and vintage ... while managing to avoid the rusted hinges and scratched lenses of actual antiques.

While Selima and Linda Farrow are the champions of Eric Wilson's report, we've also found some great-looking options from Proenza Schouler, Tom Ford, and ... horror of horrors to be buying something in the Goodwill price range ... Forever 21 for $5.80.

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