Training in NYC Hotel Staircases, Preparing for 66-Flight Climb

Well, shucks if New Yorkers don't find a creative way to put every inch of this crowded town to use. Like centering entire workouts in staircases of tall buildings.

The point of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is to improve aerobic fitness and strengthen your body but this year, instructor Ariane Hundt's also organized a team of boot camp trainees to do something even bigger: Climb to the Top of the Rock for charity.

The group of 20 signed up for the MS Stair Climb Challenge, and will climb 66 flights of steps to the top of Rockefeller Center this Sunday, February 27. So far, they've raised several thousands of dollars for the MS Society.

They've been training for the past two months in various NYC hotel staircases, meeting twice a week for an hour and climbing about 40 flights five to six times, says Hundt.

They've also "formed friendships outside of their crazy feats," Hundt says in an email. "Participants are meeting for weekly runs in Central Park, encourage themselves to eat clean and go to their boot camp workouts together and by doing so they foster a healthy lifestyle - it's easier done when you have someone else pulling on the same string. "

The actual class consists of high-intensity interval training, and travels across and back from the mile-long Brooklyn Bridge. It is one hour, and Hundt says individuals can burn up to 800 calories per hour.

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