Toy Center Building's Rooftop Addition is Child's Play

[Renderings: Office for Design & Architecture]

When developer Yitzchak Tessler purchased 1107 Broadway—the north building of the old International Toy Center at Madison Square—he promised to convert it to the "most luxurious building in Manhattan," a condo building with bowling lanes, maid service and a skybridge converted into an event space. There was also the bit about a rooftop addition designed by architect Eran Chen, but we kinda forgot about that in the wake of the bowling news. But a special Curbed tipster points us to the website of Chen's Office for Design & Architecture, where the addition to 1107 Broadway is proudly on display. We're not sure if the design is outdated—it says 2007 on the site—or if it's even going ahead in the near future (how many luxury condos can Madison Square Park handle at once?), but let's have a closer look, shall we?

From the architect's website:

Tessler Development has approached ODA in converting the North Toy Building into 175 luxury residences with retail on the first floor. Approximately 29,000 sf will be removed from the rear of the building and relocated to the roof of the building. The building will be a total of 23 stories and approximately 370’ in height. The design approach for the 7 story addition is generated from the playfulness of a child’s toy block construction. This approach allows each penthouse villa to have its own character that captures the views of the park with terraces and corner windows with privacy. The playfulness also draws back to the days of when the building was at the heart the International Toy Center. The design of the base of the building will visually connect with the top of the building. The amenities for the building will include a swimming pool, valet parking, gym, lounge, and two rooftop bar areas for the residence.

OK, we get it. The Toy Center gets a new addition inspired by toys. Very cute and original, but we'd be remiss in not pointing out Chen's other big recent rooftop addition—at the old Tiffany & Co. building at 15 Union Square West. The addition over there looks a little similar, no? Well, odds are that at some point, a kid probably played with some blocks inside that building, too.
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