Tough Times Even for Mario Testino

Amid the fashion shows in London, Paris, and Milan in the past few weeks, the buzz has been more about the sinking ship of high fashion than the clothes.

On the heels of announcements that Conde Nast is asking publishers to come up with ways to cut 10 percent from their budgets, it looks like tough times for Mario Testino. According to the Guardian, Vanity Fair is considering taking away famed photographer Mario Testino's private plane. Granted, we don't even know what it would be like to have a private plane taken away, since we've never even had one, but we can imagine it's the kind of pain-level as, say, Madoff's wife getting her own lawyer. But we digress: High fashion may just be, well, commercial at this point.

They're even feeling the cut-backs across the Atlantic, where we hear French Vogue is getting rid of its coffee machine. Coffee machines, people! What's next? Cigarette breaks? Quel horreur!

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