Topshop Opening Now Official

Soon you, too, can look like Kate Moss.

While it had previously been announced that the super-sexy Topshop opening party would be March 26, CEO Sir Philip Green confirmed this morning (rather early this morning for a fashion week crowd, we might add) that the official opening of Topshop Soho will, indeed, be April 2. What will Kate Moss wear?

Best of all, Green also discussed his intentions to open several more locations stateside, in locations like Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Boston. So, for all you west coast-ers who were thinking of gate-crashing our Soho opening, stay home! You'll get yours soon enough.

Ever the light-hearted Englishman, Green apparently was very jovial in discussing the various setbacks he'd experienced in trying to opening the New York location of his empire—due to the kind of delightful melange of renovation issues and, well, that fire (you know, stuff any New Yorker would have anticipated, but that ultimately confounds foreigners new to our bizarre and impossible system of urban development)—but he seemed upbeat about the impending opening. Green is devoted to pursing the project to its conclusion, leaving no more room for, as he put it, "jiggery pokery."

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