Topshop is Scouting More Locations in New York

If you thought the recent Topshop opening in Soho was big news, the illustrious Sir Philip Green has some news for you: He's expanding. Where other businessmen might be scaling back in tough times (especially where fashion and retail are concerned), apparently Sir Green thinks quite differently from you and I.

Apparently, some brokers are reporting that the Topshop owner is looking for locations in a slew of high-profile locales ranging from Union Square to Times Square—even as far as Fifth Avenue. The plan has long been to take on the ubiquitous retail supergiant H&M, which will be no small feat. That said, Topshop currently has some momentum on their side (admit it, you lined up to shop there, too), as well as ... well ... Kate Moss.

H&M, on the other hand, had a pretty spectacular run its recent guest designer collaboration with Matthew Williamson, and most recently they've been getting quite a bit of buzz about their upcoming Fall collection. (We believe the terminology was something like "bang on.") So who will ultimately champion? We'll see how Green fares with his expansion plan ...

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