Topshop in Brooklyn? Psych!

Sadly, the reports of a Topshop outpost in Fort Greene were terrible, terrible lies. Topshop says "no comment," but other insiders say, "no way."

We'd like to say we smelled a rat instantly upon reading that sleepily charming Fort Greene would be welcoming raucous megastore, Topshop to its leafy streets, but the prospect had our best judgment clouded by utter euphoria.  What were we thinking? Kate Moss would be galavanting down the red carpet at the store's opening between BAM and Brooklyn Flea? P-cha!  

Topshop's coy "no comment" response to the rumors leads us to believe they're chuckling over our delusion, but maybe, just maybe, we can hope for some Atlantic Yards action? Sigh.

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