Top Designers on Thanksgiving and What They’ll Be Eating

Designers share their Thanksgiving plans and favorite dishes.

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The designers behind Cushnie et Ochs.
Rachel Roy: "As a mom of two little girls growing up in New York City, I always feel like I am not providing enough of that family atmosphere for them. So as much as I can I take them to my mom's side of the family in Washington, DC, which is where we're going this year."
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Erin Fetherston: "Thanksgiving is a little bit different for me since I'm a vegetarian and don't eat turkey. But I love to bake. That's my favorite part of the holiday."
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This year, Timo Weiland will spend Thanksgiving here in NYC, chowing down on "smooth cranberry sauce mixed with heavy gravy on turkey, plus spiced Egg Nog -- its first official outing since the past Holiday season." As for proper Thanksgiving dinner attire, the designer claims to go for "countryside Christmas plaids, especially in sharply cut blazers!"
Michelle Ochs of Cushnie et Ochs: "I'm heading home to be with family in Maryland. Our family tradition over Thanksgiving is to have three different flavored turkeys because one just isn't enough. My favorite part of the meal is the mash potatoes and the red cabbage."
Carly Cushnie of Cushnie et Ochs: "I would normally be imposing myself on Michelle [my co-designer's] family, but this year I have a wedding in Jamaica."
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Wes Gordon: "I was supposed to go home to Atlanta but I had to cancel at the last minute and I am staying in New York to work on some special projects. My mom is not happy about it." As for the home cooking Gordon is missing, he says, "Well I'm from Georgia so there is always sweet potato pie. I'll miss that."
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Derek Lam has relaxed plans for the holiday: "I'm just going out to the beach and chilling and relaxing -- not going anywhere. I'll be on Fire Island."
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Dana Lorenz of Fenton/Fallon: "I am being very unorthodox this year. I am having a very intense holiday dinner the following week so I am going to give my home and kitchen a rest until then. On Thanksgiving, some of my friends and I are going for an early dinner at Shun Lee on the Upper West Side for high-end Chinese and back to my place to watch the Gaga Thanksgiving special. My favorite dish is the day after anyway -- turkey leftover sandwiches made with everything from the table -- so I'll probably stock up from Eli's on 3rd so I can pretend for the rest of the weekend."
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Thom Browne: "I'm spending Thanksgiving with family in Pennsylvania this year. It's a time to splurge. There isn't a Thanksgiving food I don't like."
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Timo Weiland: "I either spend Thanksgiving in New York City or Jacksonville, Florida. This year, I will be in NYC." As for his favorite dish Weiland says, "Smooth cranberry sauce mixing with heavy gravy on turkey, plus spiced eggnog, its first official outing since the past holiday season."
Sam Shipley of Shipley & Halmos: "My parents live outside Seattle, so we usually have some crab on the side [of our Thanksgiving meal]. I always love mixing in Northwest Seafood."
Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos: "I've typically spent Turkey Day in Florida, but this year, I'll be out in Pasadena with my girlfriend's family. Apparently we're making tamales, and there's going to be a huge assembly line preparing over 100 of them."
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