Top 10 All-Time Model/Runway Mishaps

When good runway shows go bad, and models become fashion roadkill

We love Fashion Week! But let's face it, we love Fashion Week even more when something goes terribly, awfully, face-plantedly wrong, like when Carrie stumbled and ended up "fashion roadkill" on that one episode of Sex and the City we watched that one time when we were out of NyQuil.

And so, we love that the Jezebelles went trawling YouTube for the Top 10 All-Time Model/Runway Mishaps. Tripping! Stumbling! Falling right the hell over! And to anyone who would find us callous for delighting in these ladies' six-inch-heeled misery: We refuse to feel guilty for snickering when models eat carpet, because they're pretty and there has to be some justice in the universe, right?

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