Too Few Teens Meet Exercise Goals, Too Many Drink Soda

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Only about one in 10 U.S. teens is getting enough exercise -- but about one in four is guzzling a soda a day.

That's the report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on how many students were meeting targets for youth physical activity.

The studies raise concerns about the health of U.S. teens, and call for increased efforts to get htem moving more and consuming fewer sweet drinks, Reuters reports.

In the beverage survey of more than 11,000 teens, the CDC said overall, roughly two-thirds of high school students drank at least one sugary beverage a day, including soda, sports drinks like Gatorade and other sweetened beverages.

The physical activity study found only 15.3 percent of high school students were getting an hour of exercise a day.

Boys were much more likely than girls and younger students more likely than older students to meet those targets.

Read more at Reuters.

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