Tony Bourdain Rages Against Ducasse, James Beard Foundation; Inside One of the City's Last Kosher Delis

[1] Anthony Bourdain’s new book, Medium Raw, drops June 8, and Grub Street previews some of his rants against the usual suspects - the Food Network, Alan Richman, and Sandra Lee - plus surprises: Alain Ducasse ("a villain. Because he almost single-handedly brought down fine dining in America."), the James Beard House ("Speaking of old [bleep]ers: The James Beard House... harbors and gives safe haven to villains."), and Alinea ("My meal there was one of the longest, least pleasurable meals of my life.")

[2] The Lion chef John Delucie filmed a "Word on the Street" cooking segment with a muppet for Sesame Street.

[3] The debate continues over whether free-range animals are healthier than those confined indoors. Common sense supports "sunshine, fresh air, and grass" reiterates the Atlantic.

[4] In just over six months as the New York Times food critic, Sam Sifton used up five reviews on zero-star restaurants.

[5] The latest Food Curated video spotlights Ben's Best Delicatessen in Rego Park, Queens, "one of the last remaining Kosher delis in New York City."

The Secret to Surviving the Deli Business: Ben's Best Kosher Deli (food. curated.) from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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