Tonight: Big Snow Buffalo Lodge Grand Opening

Dustin Wong - Photo by Angel Oloshove - Field There(1)

With the recent slew of venues closing -- Monster Island, Bruar Falls -- it's great to see others carrying on the performance space spirit.

Secret Project Robot just up and moved a neighborhood over. And tonight, a new Brooklyn performance space and recording studio opens, called Big Snow Buffalo Lodge.

To celebrate the opening, Big Snow is throwing a diverse party, offering something for everyone: no excuses here!

One of our favorites, guitar virtuoso Dustin Wong will be performing looped-out guitar acrobatics.

Brooklyn's own raucus retro-pop hearthrobs, The So So Glos , are bound to blow the roof off. We haven't heard much from Lost Boy? or Day Dress, but their brand of left-field and garage pop will fit right in.

Pigeons are a great up-and-coming duo out of the Bronx. Check out the below eye candy for their song "Fade Away:"


The Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is at 89 Varet St. between Humboldt and Graham -- tonight's grand-opening party is on a sliding donations scale.

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