Tom Vek Drops New Single, Plays NYC This Week


Tom Vek's latest album, Leisure Seizure, has been a favorite of ours since it dropped last month. Its pulsing synth, combined with angular, danceable drums and Vek's over-confident vocal delivery makes for a propulsive dance party -- and just some pretty damn fine pop.

Today the bespactacled Brit hops the pond for his first of two New York shows this week. Tuesday, it's the Mercury Lounge and Wednesday Union Pool. Can't imagine anyone would have the energy for both, but there it is. My bet is on the insanely air-conditioned Union Pool.

In addition, today the Brit drops a new single from Seizure called "Aroused," courtesy of WNYC. It's a sexy melodic piece with the energy to reflect that summer sun and a way-upbeat vibe. Check it out below, or download it from the WNYC page.

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