Tips for a Healthy Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Generic Turkey
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Thanksgiving is a special time of year where all Americans can put their worries on hold and spend quality time with their loved ones and calories. Eating more servings than you normally would, or really should, is a time-honored tradition.

But should you be looking to both enjoy a great meal and wear pants the next day, here’s a roundup of tips for staying healthy on Turkey Day from your pals at Go Healthy. Save us a drum stick!

1. “The number one most important thing to remember is to drink water! Water is the key to your health in general. It will help to curb your appetite, keep you from getting hungover (we all know we’ll have a few) and keep your metabolism moving. Not to mention it’s good for your skin. -- Today’s Country

2. “It’s hard to sit at the holiday table with an empty plate, but don’t allow yourself to fill up on empty calories. Bring your own healthy snacks to nibble on before the meal to cut down on the temptation to overdo it (or worse, grab seconds).” – TipsOnHealthyLiving

3. “Trim the fat and calories from mashed potatoes by using low-fat cream cheese or buttermilk instead of lots of heavy cream and butter, opt for whole grain breads in your stuffing and in the bread basket, and include a fresh fruit salad on the dessert table.” – MyGloss

4.  “Start the day off like usual. Do not starve yourself before the big dinner. You may think, 'Oh, well not eating leaves more room for later.' In actuality what will end up happening is you get an inaccurate reading of your hunger and you’ll overeat to compensate. Eat as you normally would, or at least eat a decently sized meal.” - Healthsize

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