Tip Sheet: How To Beat The Winter Chill

Below is a list of easy tips to remember if you're trying to beat the winter cold:

(Some of these tips came from Suite 101.com)

+ Make sure your home is more than 65 degrees.
+ Have windows and doors properly sealed. If you can't afford to have that professionally done, use blankets or towels to prevent drafts from coming in.
+ Space heaters can help in attics or basements or other areas with little or no insulation. But don't use them overnight or anytime when you're sleeping; they are a common cause for fires.
+ Bundle up in layers when you head outside.
+ Definitely wear a hat. Thirty percent of the body's heat is lost through the head.
+ Don't underestimate the importance of gloves and scarves.
+ Diet is important too; fruits and vegetables especially help keep you from getting sick.

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