Thursday Opening Report: Dardanel, Vero Wine Bar Certified Open, John Dory Next Week

John Dory, in plywood state

1) MePa: Our top story today: The John Dory. Both TONY and Metromix report that this much-anticipated new seafood shanty from Bloomfield/Batali/Friedman will open this week, the latter specifying Nov 1. Metromix writes: "Based on early reports, Bloomfield—who jetted to England late last summer to spiff up her research—has crafted a menu that includes whole John Dory with potatoes, as well as a smoked-haddock tart. In case the name didn't tip you off already, any doubts that this is a seafood joint should be dispelled by the space itself: It's got a fish-strewn stained-glass ceiling, fish-shaped door handles and—cannonball!—a 900-gallon fish tank." Status: Not Open. Official word is "next week," but we hear friends and family shindig is planned for Saturday. 85 Tenth Avenue; 212-929-4948. [Metromix; TONY]

2) Midtown: Metromix and the Times both report on the opening of Dardanel, a new Mediterranean seafood joint in Midtown East. From Metromix: “Inspired by the strait that connects the Black and Mediterranean seas, this Midtown seafood spot makes a serious bid for authenticity: It imports its fish daily from the Mediterranean region—branzini from Turkey, anchovies from the Black Sea, St. Peter's fish from Israel." Status: Certified Open. 1071 First Avenue; 212-888-0809. [Metromix; NYT]

3) Midtown: Opening also this week just a few blocks away is Vero Wine Bar. A PR Rep writes in with the following: “Sommelier Storme Wood has curated an impressive international wine list with a broad appeal and reach (glasses range from $9-$17, bottles start at $34) and she is onsite every night to assist patrons in their food and beverage pairings. Complimenting the extensive wine list at Vero Midtown, is an impressive and abundant small plates menu created by chef Sean Olnowich." And the requisite recession special includes free paninis on Monday nights when you buy a drink. Status: Certified Open. 1004 First Avenue; 212-935-3530. [Eater Inbox]For more stories from Eater, go to

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