Three Minutes With: Liz Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley stopped by Bloomingdale's last night to represent Estee Lauder and light the building pink to raise awareness of breast cancer. We caught up with the star to talk about the cause, as well as the frosty pink lip gloss for sale with her name on it.

The massive pink celebration marks the 10th anniversary of the Estee Lauder company's "Illuminations" initiative, and shades of pink were in abundance -- from pink umbrellas to pink cosmetics cases to the hot pink dress Ms. Hurley was wearing. (Did we mention that Dylan McDermott showed up, too? That was exciting.)

We sat down with Ms. Hurley as she showed off the lip design kit (retailing for $22) specially named after her, which boasts a lipstick, gloss, and pencil all rendered in a frosty shade of pale pink.  (Evelyn Lauder's lip color, on the other hand, is a warmer rose -- almost coral-looking in person.)

"We both get to choose our own glosses and they always do really well," said Hurley. "We've had lip glosses named after us before and they're one of the strongest parts of the campaign."

When asked whether she thought the current economic climate was affecting the campaign this year, Hurley said she didn't know the exact figures but that the response was still overwhelming.

"Sometimes I was afraid that this whole breast cancer awarness thing would just be a flash in the pan -- that people would get tired of hearing about it. But that really hasn't happened, everyone's been very consistent, and it's because women are still getting diagnosed. We haven't lost any momentum."

After getting whisked away to change, we got a few moments with the other belle of the hour, Evelyn Lauder, who was dressed in a similarly hot pink dress that caused her husband, upon entering, to shout across the room, "Hello Ms. Pink!"

Lauder loves the lip colors as well, but really recommends the $55 magnifying compact, which apparently gives you so much detail that "it's terrifying." She also admitted she'd bought four of the pink umbrellas and a few of the pink Echo scarves that very day.

In addition to the Estee Lauder products that contribute to the company's $500,000 donation, Bloomingale's has created a Pink Boutique, with a portion of the proceeds from each item going to the Breast Cancer Research foundation. So now you can shop guilt-free for Calvin Klein dresses, True Religion jeans, and Luxury Rebel studded flats.

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