Yestadt Millinery: Ombre Dip-Dyeing with a Gritty Western Twist

Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread

"I love that girls are wearing all these giant floppy hats!," exclaims Jane Pincus, one half of the NYC-based design team that makes up Yestadt Millinery. The cap that inspired her comment is a dramatic wide-brimmed hat not unlike the kind you'd spot on Jeff Bridges in "True Grit."

While there's no denying that statement-making hats are having a moment on the runway and sidewalks this season, when confronted with an entire spread of fanciful caps and headbands like the one last night at Soho Grand, it's easy to be persuaded that a perfect hat counterpart exists for every imaginable ensemble.

"You know as a kid when you'd scribble with Crayolas and then scratch off the wax? That's what we're going for," explains designer Molly Yestadt, gesturing towards an ivory felted cap with a dip-dyed pink velvet band. Stripped-down peacock feathers, liquid silk fringe, and elegant black lace were among Yestadt's favored materials this season, each used to incoporate unexpected details into classic shapes. Some of our favorites? A black-and-white stripe turban and a black fedora with a lock of silk fringe trickling down the back.

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