World Cup Growing Frenzy Spreads to Fashion With NYC Pop-Up

If you thought we couldn't turn a soccer tournament into a fashion-focused event, then you don't know the power of the Threaders.  World Cup takes over the planet this summer and in anticipation, New York will welcome PlayBeautiful pop-up experience on Mulberry Street June 6, while FIFA commissions artists for soccer-themed prints.

PlayBeautiful promises to live up to its fantastical name with live-screenings of every World Cup match, live demonstrations by industry bigwigs, video game competitions - hold on, we're getting to the good stuff - film screenings and of course, what the PlayBeautiful's Facebook page describes as an "unparalleled retail experience." The website is still under construction, but in the meantime links to the team merch available at Upper90 sports store on the Upper West Side.

Adding to the tourney's catchy aesthetic element (did everyone see the rather nice-looking Vanity Fair cover with Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba in their patriotic skivvies?), FIFA (the International Football Federation) commissioned 17 artists to create mixed-media pieces under a soccer theme.  Creations include drawings, embroidery and a sculpture of an elephant cradling a ball in his trunk.  The originals were auctioned off at Philips de Pury here in NYC and numbered limited-edition prints of the works may be purchased here.

PlayBeautiful opens June 6 at 201 Mulberry Street.

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