Wishlisted: Jessica Goldfond Lusts After Rick Owens Boots, Geometric Baubles

Jessica Goldfond of the Shiny Squirrel is looking for statement-making gems and inspired homewares this fall.

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Nettie Kent/Barneys New York/Apartamento
Jessica Goldfond—founder of Brooklyn-based PR firm The Shiny Squirrel—makes it her business to find the latest and greatest in design, jewelry and accessories. So you can hardly blame us for sneaking a peek at her fall '12 wishlist, which includes issues of "Apartamento" magazine. "I read tons of quarterly publications, and my favorite is currently 'Apartamento,'" she explains. Order issues for $21 at Bruil.
Nettie Kent Jewelry
Goldfond is known for her statement-making baubles, so we weren't surprised to see this knockout geometric cuff on her wishlist. "Nettie Kent's beautiful Cycles cuff is stunning and goes with everything," says Goldfond. $392 at Nettie Kent Jewelry.
Jessica Goldfond
Simple and chic, Anve's dainty envelope cardholder is rendered in buttery soft leather. "I love tiny envelope wallets," Goldfond explains. "And I could always use a bright pop of color." $98 at Anve.
Lindsey Thornburg
When it comes to an edgy wool cloak from New York designer Lindsey Thornburg, Goldfond doesn't mince words. "Because it's amazing," she says. $600 at Lindsey Thornburg.
Barneys New York
With military-inspired looks all over the catwalks, a tough combat boot feels exactly right for fall. "I am thinking I might upgrade my Dr. Martens to these Rick Owens boots," says Goldfond. $1,710 at Barneys New York.
Sight Unseen
Goldfond's flare for geometric motifs extends to home accessories as well. "I have been expanding my book collection rapidly," she says. "These [shaped bookends by Waka Waka] might be a great addition for keeping everything in order." $160 at Sight Unseen.
Pour Porter
"I love massive pieces of jewelry, especially since I wear really simple clothing," says Goldfond. "This piece from German designer Nallik really does it for me." $155 at Pour Porter.
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