Whitney Port's Spring 2012 Collection Will Feature Watercolor Florals

We caught up with The City alum Whitney Port at Coca-Cola's 125th birthday event and the launch of its commemorative book with Assouline. She talked about the progress of her fashion line, Whitney Eve, and revealed her summer must-haves. 

Tell us what’s new with your fashion line Whitney Eve?
I’m working on my spring collection right now, Spring 2012, and just gearing that up for fashion week. I think the collection has grown a lot and I can’t wait to show it. 
Any hints on what it’s going to look like?
There are a lot of florals in the collection, watercolor florals.
What’s the most challenging part of being a designer?
I don’t have any formal technical training in fashion. I just kind of went into it blind. I’m just trying to learn through the process. It’s definitely not easy, but I am proud to say that I think I have grown a lot as a designer since I started.
Do you have a new respect for fashion designers now that you are one?
Yes of course. It takes a lot of training and work to really succeed. There are so many people out there that want to do the exact same thing. You have to really believe that what you are doing people will accept, because this is such an opinion based industry. 
We’re here celebrating Coco-Cola’s 125th anniversary. Any fashion trends that you think will endure 125 years?
Jeans. I think jeans will always be in style. I can’t imagine living in a world without jeans that’s for sure.
What's on your summer must-haves list?
A good bathing suit. Scarves, you can wear them with anything. A pair of fun sandals. I am loving Missoni Havaianas right now. I have every pair. 
What summer trends are you loving right now?
I am always just into cut-off jean shorts and a white tee-shirt. You really can’t go wrong with that.
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