We’re Loving: Two-Fingered Turquoise Rings by Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

Double and triple-finger rings are finally breaking free from their aggressive brass-knuckle connotations. From gold, to silver and yes, even brass, you’ll find these digit-enhancing adornments in a range of styles spanning from simple and understated, to feminine and futuristic. We especially love Nasty Gal's "Sedona Chapel" ring, which takes its name from Arizona's iconic Chapel of the Holy Cross.

The western-inspired silver number embodies some of this summer's biggest trends without being fad overkill. By combining the two-finger look with a Gothic cross shape and turquoise beading, you could say this ring's a triple threat of sorts.

And for only $24, what can we say? We're devoted.

Available at Nasty Gal.

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