We're Loving: Roaring Bear Rings from Leviticus

Even though it's inspired by her "grandfather's bear skin rug", there's nothing so morbid about Tara Levitin's new bear ring, which features a roaring bear head covered in meticulously detailed fur, teeth, ears an eyes.

Levitin's jewelry line, Leviticus, can be counted upon for an eccentric mix of animal-inspired medallions, semi-precious stones and mixed chain jewelry.  We especially love her quirky take on normally cute critters, like the seahorse necklace enmeshed in rigid metal bars and sharp geometric shapes, or a wrapped metal ring covered in squid tentacles.

Spackled throughout the collection are punk rocky options (favored by the likes of Kat Von D and Leigh Lezark), so if you prefer your jewelry to double as weaponry, look no further than Levitin's shiny new "armor" ring, which features a long, fang-like talon on the front. Personally, we plan to channel our inner animal spirit and tap into that protective bear energy.  We think the ring is sufficiently scary to ward off bad vibes, if not subway creeps.

Now available for preorder at leviticusjewelry.com.

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