We're Loving: Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte (Again)

Shoe maestro Nicholas Kirkwood and Rodarte sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy have a long history of designing killer footwear together. You might recall the C3P0-inspired heels of Spring 2009, which will forever haunt our shopping dreams. 

We may have missed out on Kirkwood's bizarre Star Wars kicks, but his wacky new mixed-media heels for Rodarte's Fall 2010 collection are even nuttier--and therefore, even more covetable--than their predecessors. The waxy melted-candle effect on the spike heel has us scratching our heads--what exactly is that made out of, anyway?--but somehow the shoes' patchworked leather cutouts and balletic ankle straps were a perfect compliment to Rodarte's arts-and-crafty lineup of floral chiffons, delicate lace, and burnout velvets.

It won't be easy to scrape together an outfit--or the cash--for these flights of fashion fancy, but we think it would be well worth it to own one of the Kirkwood/Mulleavy brainchildren. 

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