We’re Loving: Makr Carry Goods

Paul Manafort MTP
Meet the Press

It seems like it should be easy to find quality leather goods manufactured in the USA -- goodness knows we have the cows -- but it's been a perplexing hole in a market dominated by Italian and French luxury brands. Now one Jason Gregory, designer of Makr Carry Goods, has stepped up to plate.

Makr is that exceedingly rare brand that is both timeless and completely unisex (two qualities that rarely overlap in fashion). Gregory's selection of stripped-down leather accessories -- fold-over wallets, buttery-soft iPad cases, backpacks and perfect totes -- emphasize quality over flourish, and are designed to see the user through a lifetime of use. Gregory's insistence on (mostly) local production imbues each piece with a romantic, Americana appeal.

Minimal though his designs may be, Gregory's aesthetic is nonetheless distinctive: his ability to find the exact the right proportions for a snap-closure wallet, for example, or the perfect color for a new canvas backpack, ensures that each finished piece looks branded and elegant even in its simplicity.

Peruse the complete collection online at www.makr.com.

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