We’re Loving: Magnet Rings by Laurent Milon

Laurent Milon

Remember Wooly Willy boards, where you had to design Willy's hair with iron shavings and a magnetic pen? It seems the novelty of magnetic art never wore off for designer Laurent Milon, whose spiky iron rings were created through approximately the same process as Wooly Willy's hairdo.

Well, sort of.  Unlike Willy's tendrils, Milon's rings are rolled in frozen iron powder mixed with "ferromagnetic" (a good science-y word you can look up here) precious metals like silver, copper and nickel, then galvanized to make them solid and rusty.  (An adorable video uploaded to Milon's Vimeo (below) explains his design process through an animated, glitter-eating metal hedgehog). The results are organic and luxe, but a touch menacing: these could definitley knock a few eyes out if you weren't careful, or gesticulated too wildly. In fact, we think a Milon ring could be a stylish alternative to the pepper spray we keep on our keychain. 

For ordering information, contact Laurent at laurent@frenchsux.com. 

Design / Magnetic Rings from Laurent Milon on Vimeo.

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