We're Loving: Julie Haus Spring 2011

Digital printed fabrics are becoming more and more interesting with every fashion season. As the technology improves, so, invariably, do the clothes. Indie fave designer Julie Haus--who recently opened her first boutique on Soho's Broome Street--is producing some of the best we've seen yet with her gorgeous spring 2011 collection.

The unique appeal of Haus' digital prints has to do with their weirdly "natural" look: grassy textures, pale blue skies and pebbled earth tones are used on everything from tops and skirts to perfectly draped dresses and tunics. Our favorite silky pocket tank features a cloudy horizon with silhouetted tree-tops at the neck, while a pleated skirt dress is made up of blurry, tulip-colored print that evokes a lush spring field.

We can't wait to peep the whole collection when it hits Haus' Soho shop this spring--some of the dresses, particularly a speckled brown tunic with an extra-long panel in the back, would make magnificent transition pieces when the snow starts to thaw (hopefully) in six months. 

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